Ashleigh Court wins 480m Grade A1 Heat at Newcastle on Jan 17

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Ashleigh Court wins 480m Grade A1 Heat at Newcastle on Jan 17 
In a 480 metre long Grade A1 heat of the William Hill Supporting Racing Post TV Stakes, Ashleigh Court, trained by D Calvert, emerged as champion.
The competition was for a cash prize of £118, held at Newcastle on Tuesday night, January 17, 2012.
The winning dog, the son of Digital out of Moss Jumper, started off the contest from the fifth trap with the winning chances of 4 to 1. He was not favourite to stand first, as two other hounds, Skywalker Flame and Denwill Rocket, were holding much
higher starting prices.
However, the dog sprang up a surprise, nabbing top slot by covering the distance in 29.53 seconds. His one-length victory came in the wake of a fantastic opening, as he sustained a decent lead throughout the race.
The second position was wrested by Skywalker Flame, whose starting price was 3 to 1.

After leaving the stall, the fawn dog, the son of Priceless Rebel out of Princess Molly, clocked the distance in 29.61 seconds. J.J. Fenwick’ trainee beat the favourite dog by a length’s margin.
Denwill Rocket, the most favourite with the winning probability of 7 to 4, could only manage to seal the third place. After his discharge from third trap, the son of Head Honcho out of In The Rough took an early lead.

However, he got crowded afterwards, covering the area in 29.69 seconds.
Fenwick’s highly rated dog was pretty lucky to end up among top-3, as Ardera Monarch finished just a short head’s distance behind him.

The fourth position dog was holding the odds of 4 to 1, as he commenced the act from trap number four.

The son of Montoscaramore out of Ardera Jingle crossed the wire in 29.70 seconds.
The fifth position went to another 4 to 1 betting prospect, Wor Hacka – the son of Hondo Black out of Coquet Breeze.

The G.T. Gibbinson-trained black dog reached the post in 29.94 seconds, finishing four lengths ahead of the back marker.
The last position belonged to Tyrur Richie, who was enjoying the starting price of 8 to 1. The son of Hades Rocket out of Tyrur Margaret wrapped up the party in 30.26 seconds, completing the order of finish.
By registering his second successive win, Ashleigh Court has certainly established himself as a strong competitor.



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