Luka Modric believes Tottenham Hotspur can defeat Manchester City

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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder has revealed his side are targeting another win over Manchester City over the weekend.
Last weekend the London side lost the perfect opportunity to close the gap between the League Leaders when they were held at a 1-1 draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers. While Tottenham Hotspur seemed sluggish against the Wolves, Modric has belief they can
defeat the Manchester sides.
Harry Redknapp and his team currently occupy the third spot on the Premier League table and are certain they have a shot at winning the Premier League crown. For that they have to remain consistent and more importantly defeat the likes of Manchester United
and Manchester City.
They are hopeful ahead of the clash against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium that they have the capability to defeat the home side. The Spurs will go into the match as underdogs but could manage to surprise everyone with a win.
Their task will prove to be difficult as Manchester City are yet to lose a fixture at home this season, but Modric remained confident. The Croatian midfielder who was linked with a move to revealed he was focused on securing a win.
Modric said while speaking to reporters:
“The last two seasons we have played massive games there and this will be another one. I hope we will do well and maybe win, why not? We are going there with a positive mindset and we will try to win the game.
We try to do that against every opponent. I think we are that good that we can go there and win them.”
Despite the disappointing stalemate at last weekend, Modric was certain his side could challenge the top sides for the title if they managed to return to winning ways in the upcoming fixtures. The midfielder remained optimistic and admitted he was
looking forward to taking on Mancini’s side.
He continued:
“We just need to start again and start winning games again
We just need to pick ourselves up for the big game on Sunday and we have to be positive regardless of Saturday's result."



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