Professional gambler Stephen Fletcher to be handed out penalty if no submissions are made

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Professional gambler Stephen Fletcher to be handed out penalty if no submissions are made
Stephen Fletcher, who does gambling as a profession was accused of being a party to a betting scandal related to a race that was run in the month of February this year.
The Sydney-based gambler was charged of affecting the performance of Bold Glance, a race horse that was a participant in the race under discussion. More specifically, Fletcher was thrown the accusation of being a party with Bobby El-Issa, the jockey who
was riding Bold Glance at the Eagle Farm racetrack. What they are charged with is that the duo conspired together in an effort to make Bold Glance underperform at Brisbane’s racetrack.
The outcome of the race was that Bold Glance could not secure the first position instead came runners up as Essington took on the title of winner at Eagle Farm.
After the race was run, Fletcher was in possession of a huge sum of money. The cash that was added to his bank account right afterwards was the result of a gamble that he had made on the two horses under discussion.
What Fletcher had done was to back Essington to win the race at Eagle Farm. At the same time, the accused had also placed a bet at Betfair, which is an online gambling website. The online bet was made on Bold Glance not to secure the first position in the
As of now, Fletcher has been found guilty as accused but he has not yet been penalised regarding the whole affair. He has been given until today to make any final additions to the case before the due punishment is handed out to him.
There are several penalties that can be given to the accused but what is most likely to be the case is that Fletcher would not be allowed to place any more bets on online betting websites or other online betting operations. Not only that, the accused can
also not be allowed to be present on any racetrack at the time of racing.
 El-Issa has already been given a penalty of a ban that extends for two years but he intends to appeal the matter. What the fate of the gambler will be can only be known when the time comes.


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