Franz Tost says Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel best driver in the sport at the moment – Formula 1 news

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Franz Tost says Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel best driver in the sport at the moment – Formula 1 news
Toro Rosso principal Franz Tost has praised Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel’s performance in the 2011 Formula 1 season and admitted that he is the best driver in the sport at the moment.
Tost also admitted that after winning six races in the ongoing season Vettel was conceded as favourite to win the 2011 world championship.
The Austrian stated that it is fact that Vettel is a very talented driver in Formula 1 at the moment and that he has a lot of skills as compared to other drivers.
Tost said, “My pecking order goes like this: “Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Rosberg. Vettel doesn’t need much comment – he’s got everything inside and outside the car that a driver must have to be champion.”
Other than Vettel, the Toro Rosso principal discussed the performance of the other strong drivers, which included McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg. He discussed with the media that they also did a great job
in the season so far and he believes they can fight on the grid for their bright future in Formula 1.
He went on to mention, “Hamilton I really do like. His is the way guys should race in F1 – he’s aggressive and, of course, that results in shunts sometimes, but he’s got what it takes to put on a good show. Alonso is fiendishly clever, in the car and in
team politics, and Rosberg I believe could win the championship when he’s got a good car.”
Apart from that, Tost talked about his team’s performance in the 2011 F1 season. He mentioned that the Toro Rosso drivers are trying to move forward race-by-race, as they showed in the last couple of races.
He added that they will focus on the performance of both of their drivers, which included Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi until the end of the season and then, take a final decision about their 2012 drivers’ line-up.
The team is busy working on their F1 STR6 car and trying to make it better for the remainder of the ongoing season.
Let’s see how they manage their races in the last eight rounds of the season after coming back from the August break.



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