Discribe an important change in your life ?

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you should to say:

what it is

what the effect on you is

how you feel about it and explain what it is important




  1. s*x change

    It is the best.

    Now I can stay home and play with my new b***s all day.

  2. Having a baby. It's a huge change in my life, that's for sure!!

    Being a stay at home mom is awesome and I love being able to do it.  

  3. Becoming a Christian.

    It's changed my total outlook on life for the better.

    I live my life for and through Jesus Christ and it's important to me to be able to find God's direction in my life and to show God's love to others.

  4. My marriage to an angel - a Godly wife. The best human being in the world.I lost her three years' back.Now I am alone and every day is mourning.

    This is life - this is living.

    Life is short - make it sweet.

  5. This past year I went back to school after being out for along time. I am 38 and going back to school to be a medical assistant. I usually don't like school. Also a man has come into my life and we are dating and that has become a change in my life but a good change.  

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