Best way to take over the world?

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My evil scheme is to one day take over the world, how should I begin?




  1. Become a huge spiritual leader and try and form your own country with it's own currency and stuff.  Then launch a huge destruction campaign on a bunch of other deveoloped countries and ones that would be 'competition' stuff like ripping down power lines, slashing tires on semi trucks, arson, (go for banks and stuff) etc.  Then you'll have a large amount of people immigrating to your country.  Then form a military and just gain control of all the other countries, and start drawing your own borders.

  2. be smart abandon ur scheme

  3. Waffle World *long story*

    answer mine:

  4. Okay, first of all you have to promise me that you will make me the vice president of the world when you take it over because I was actually gonna try this in a couple of years.  First you have to buy a machine gun.  But if you live in Canada you will need to rob a gun shop because you will need a license to buy a gun.  Then go into a police station and take it over. Get all the policemen to help you.  Tell them "If you don't listen to me i will have to kill you." Then go to another police station after police station getting more and more weapons and men.  soon u will be ready to invade a military base.  Once you do that you can take over more and more bases.  Soon you will be able to attack the white house.  Once you have the white house (or if you're in canada the Parliament Buildings.)    after u have done this you must start attacking small countries such as: Singapore, spain cuba etc.  Then you can take over Japan and their nuclear bombs.  Then when you are ready you can bomb and take over australia.  By then u should have full control of Oceania.  Now you must head into africa take over the congo and northern Africa first.  Then take down the south and madagascar.  Don't forget about Egypt.  You now have full control of Africa and Oceania.  It's now time to finish of the southern hemisphere.  Take over Brazil and Argentina.  Then you should finish off the rest of South America.  Then it's time to take over canada.  (If that's where you started then you sould bomb America.)  Then Have a nuclear war against mexico. If it's sucsussful , and it will be hard to do, you will have all of North America, South America, Ocieana and Africa.  By now you should have enough hpower to bomb and take over Russia and China.  Once you've done that move into Europe and take it over which sould be easy.  Then just take the rest of asia and you will have Taken over the world.


    Also your country should have a catchy name like: World Joe!

  5. I know I know you are going over to Bizzaro world right?LOL

  6. Politics.

  7. Money and power!

  8. Ok, here's what you need to do... 1st you need to die. Then after you get that out the way, you need to come back reincarnated as Hitler. After that process it should come natrual to you...

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