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I have a white slightly raised patch at tip of p***s. What do you think this could be?




  1. it will NOT be cancer, don't worry yourself by some of these idiot answers. probably just s***n or some sort of wart, maybe get it checked.

  2. Its not a genital wart is it?

    go and get a check up!

  3. give up s*x for a while

  4. Eczema. Get desoxymetazone (prescription) from a dermatologist

  5. this is not enough info for us here to know exactly what it is! I suggest that u see an urologist if it hurts or causes any discomfort at all either during s*x or similar.

  6. cancer


  8. herpes i would get it looked at.

  9. If in doubt let your Doctor check it out.

    Thats my motto.

  10. C ur doc.

  11. It could be dry skin, a p***s pimple, a wart, or a callous from masturbating without lube.  Or any number of other things.  It's tough to say without more detail.  If there is any pain associated with this area or if your very concerned, the best thing you can do is to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

  12. Have you had unprotected s*x in the recent past? if yes it could be a wart or what is called a chancre the former meaning that you have a serious STI talk to your doctor.

  13. I dunno.  Go to the clap clinic.

  14. wash yourself good.
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