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Okay, PLEASE answer! My p***s stands 2 1/2 inches long when erect, and im 14... is this normal?




  1. It's fine for a boy of 14.  It will get bigger, I promise.

    Anyway, as long as it gives you pleasure, it doesn't matter just yet how long it is.  Enjoy!

  2. it's not abnormal, it's just shorter than the average length for a male erection, which is about 5 inches.

  3. teeny tiny man i feel sorry for you Mr. little d**k

    i'm 13 and almost 7"  

  4. dude don't fret guys all over the world have different size penises and you have the best thing going for're young and still developing relax man you still have several years of growing tine ahead of you. the best advice i can give you is sit back and chill and don't sweat the small stuff (no pun intended). and don't get caught up in the curiosity thing of comparing with your friends either until you grow down there a little bit.  

  5. As a late-bloomer myself, I'll call BS on this "question".  You WOULD find a way to m********e with a 2-1/2" p***s.  But you did fool a lot of them.

    The real answer though, would be to thumb-and-2-finger it, not fist it.

  6. It is kinda under average, but you're still growing and by the time you've completed puberty you'll be around 5 inches, which is about average. If you've just began puberty, then you really haven't had timet to grow. Either way, you're fine, for you're still growing. As for the masturbation part, just try tickling it or stroking with your fingers. Rub the sensitive parts that feel the best, and you'll be fine. Hope this helps.
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