Megalodon vs 150 ton sperm whale

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I diagree with you about Megalodon would always beat a 150 ton sperm whale. In this fight, they are face to face at the start, and neither of them can retreat because a winner should be find out. 150 ton Sperm whale is the most powerful predator of all times, in 18-19 century there were 30 metres old males who weighed 150 tons, 40 tons 16 meters meg female(largest of all) is just nothing compared to them, sperm whale has sonar to identify it and will take her by surprise 1:0, he has near 4 times more weight(150 tons versus 40 tons) 2:0, more than 3 times longer jaw(7 meters versus 2 meters) 3:0, 2 times larger teeth (15 inches versus 7 inches) 4:0, much tougher body 5:0, has huge head he can use it as weapon, any head to head crush will result in instant death of shark 6:0, besides shark has no bones, that is her deadly weakness, sperm whale will just bite her in halves 7:0, sperm whale has tougher bones, if shark will try to bite sperm, whale in the place where he has bones, she will break her jaws, has tail, which he can use as weapon 8:0, Sperm whale has much larger brain, so he is much smarter 9:0, the only advantage of shark is that it is a little faster 9:1, so, facts speak for themselves, shark will be eaten, because sperm wahle can both inflict and withstand more damage, has weight advantage and is smarter. Megalodon was probably a specialist that fed mostly on BALEEN whales in shallow waters. A main prey item was Cetotherium, which is much smaller than 150 ton sperm whale. Megalodon faced competition from the Killer Whale which evolved less than five million years ago. Populations of "transient" Killer Whales exploit sea mammals, and with pack behavior and high intelligence the Orca would have crowded the shark out of the same declining food source. Once that took place, the shark's huge adult size was of no advantage and in fact meant starvation. The large size of the shark meant it probably hunted alone. It is also likely that Killer Whales preyed on small juvenile megalodons, which shared their range and thus were potential food. Whales just superior to sharks. You said sperm whale has weak jaw? With that big head, I'll be shocked if I heard any creature with a 7m head had weak jaws. Someone say the sperm whale had weak jaws is just ridiculous! Sperm whale hasDo we know any case in which a large Great white killed even a young female sperm whale? I know none. 4m long Orcas kill 3m Great Whites just for fun, without being hurted, and I can hardly imagine a Megalodon killing a large spermwhale.

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  1. Tina Marshal

    Well first off, a sperm whale usually doesn't exceed 50-70ft. and weigh between 40-60tons, so a 150 ton sperm whale is not realistic. The megalodon was 40-60ft. long and weighed up to 50 tons, as you can see, size wouldn't really play a factor if these two were to fight.

    Lets get down to the meat of this battle by first saying that a megalodon is a specialized whale DESTROYER. It has been proven that megalodons fed on whales because they have found tooth marks wedged deep into the bones of the whales, sometimes leaving the teeth themselves.

    Not to mention,megalodon could crush its massive 6 by 8ft. jaws full of hand-sized teeth, down with the strongest bite force of any animal ever recorded. When something of this size chomps on you with 20 tons per sq. inch of biting power you have little chance of escaping let alone winning the fight. A strong alligator has a mere bite of only 3000lbs per sq inch only a ton and a half, and they have dull peg like teeth. Multiply that bite by 13-14 and equip the jaws with razor like teeth that easily slice through flesh, and you've got a problem.

    Now let's go to the sperm whale, yes its big, yes its massive, but what true weapon does it have? Most people fail to realize that sperm whales aren't truly aggressive and aren't killing machines, their large size just makes it easy to prey on large squid and small fish. You also have to realize that sperm whales only have teeth on their bottom jaw, this doesn't help the whale's case at all because these jaws are relatively feeble compared to megalodon. With a mouth full of semi-sharp teeth only on the bottom of a pair of mediocre jaws, its highly unlikely that the sperm whale could truly injure the megalodon. The sperm whale is mainly successful because it is by far the largest meat eating creature in the ocean today, everything else it eats, with the exception of the giant squid, is small in comparison.

    It should also be mentioned, that sperm whales have some strong muscles, but also have a lot of flabby blubber, and thick meat. Meg on the otherhand, since it is a shark, is made mostly of muscle, is faster, and more flexible. The only protection a sperm whale would truly have against meg would be the large hard head, but even this wouldn't seriously wound a meg because the meg would out manouever the whale and take a minimal hit. The teeth of the sperm whale probably wouldn't wound the shark bad at all, seeing that sperm whales jaws aren't truly that strong.

    In the case of meg vs sperm whale, I must say that its a one-sided battle that probably would end up more of a feast than a fight, meg perhaps would EASILY win. It must be understood that the sperm whale has no true great offensive weapons for a predator of its size, it just have a great defensive amount of blubber and thick hide. With the incredible bite force, jaw size, and whale hunting tactics of the meg, even this great defense would be no match for the fearsome megalodon.

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