Haast Eagle Vs. Hyena ( Clarification needed )

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  1. The Eagle would clearly win.... the haast eagle could kill a 200kg Moa with a single strike. They flew down at their prey at 80km/h and used their talons (bit bigger than a tigers) and drove them into the animal (usually severing the kindneys) on such brutal impact. the hyena would not be able to fight back at the incredible speed that this bird descended with. the talons would crush the hyena easily...the moa had very thick body mass and it couldnt survive the impact of the bird, let alone a hyena trying to fend it off. the eagle would be far to powerful and quick for the hyena..also the haasts eagle wouldn't be on the ground to be attacked by the hyena..yes there is no question that if the hyena got its neck, then it would be killed easily. but being a raptor, it attacked from the sky with lighting speed and power. no animal could stand up to that.

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