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  1. Keeping a wild mouse is not that difficult at all. It depends on it's age and previous experience. Take my mouse, for instance. I saved (stole) my mouse from being eaten by a snake in a science lab. He was no pet. He was bred to die. He was wild and frisky as can be. He was a middle-aged mouse and he wasn't very trusting. Over the period of three weeks, I managed to get him to take food from my hand and not bite. You can train it with this method.

    1) Observe your mouse's favourite food. It may be cheese or peanut butter ect.

    2) Through the cage bars, hold a large piece of the food with the tips of your fingers so that they are not in reach.

    3) Wait for a few minutes. If he dosen't come, don't give it to him. Try again later.

    After a few days of this, he will finally get the idea that he will only get to eat this glorious treat if he trusts you. Most mice will learn. Never back off or approach him.Simply stay still and wait.

    Elise F


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