Honey Badger vs Polar Bear

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  1. Although the Honey Badger, like it's cousin the Wolverine, is immensely powerful and probably one of the toughest mammals (pound-for-pound) on the planet, the magnificent Ursus Arctos, the Polar Bear, would have to be too much for it.


    The 'ice bear', as he is called in German, is a 'Super-heavyweight', and males have been known to weigh well over 100 stones (the largest ever weighed in at 158 stones!!). However, females can be under 30 stones. But even this is vastly bigger than the humble honey-badger, who weighs in at 2.5 stones at the largest.  Polar bear's paw can be substantially heavier than the
    whole badger

    The 'king of the arctic' is immensely strong, even for its size, and has even been known to slay and drag 2-tonne Walrus through snow. The badger is also incredibly strong, even stronger pound-for-pound than his opponent, but would hold out little hope in a slug-out with this formidable opponent

    The Honey Badger is supremely agile, even able to grab and kill the king cobra and the scorpionbefore being bitten or stung. The Polar bear is also very agile (for its size) and it has to be in order to catch seals and dodge the enormous tusks of the Walrus while attacking. Although it is nowhere near as agile as the badger, it would probably only need to manage to strike the Honey badger once in order to disable it. Would the badger's agility be sufficient to help it to get at the polar bear's sensitive ares before he can react? I have my doubts

    The Honey badger has a heart of iron and is quite willing to wrestle (and run) for a substantial amount of time before making a kill. It also appears to have the energy and wiriness of a chipmunk! The Polar Bear, although he looks lazy and sluggish at times, is also no slouch. He can swim 100 kilometres without stopping and shows great endurance in being able to walk and wander for days on end in search of a meal. He is still no match in the stamina department for the honey badger- what can be?!

    This department has to be a tie. The Polar Bear is completely fearless. As the largest land carnivore, he is one of the few animals which will prey on man, and he is the only solitary animal known to attack and kill the badger's big cousin, the wolverine. Some will argue that Wolverines have been known to chase polar bear from his kill, but the Polar Bear is only avoiding sustaining injury, not death, as the Wolverine has never been known to kill the Behemoth bear. The Honey Badger also has to be more game than any other animal out there, and that includes the 'rabid' Wolverine! The definition of fearless, this animal will take on (and beat!!!) lions, leopards king cobras and even nests of killer bees. Wow. Would he even back down from this mighty opponent? I don't think so.

    This is a vital area of the battle. The Honey badger's speed and rasping bite are his main means of avoiding attack. He follows the ''attack is the best form of defense'' philosophy. Not to be trifled with. However, his long, protruding neck is an achilles' heel of sorts, and this is where big predators will target in order to thwart the flow of blood and air from the head to the body. The polar bear's strongest sources of defence are his fur and blubber. With fur at over an inch thick and fat stores of over 3 inch thick, not to mention loose skin around the neck. The only possible weakness for the bear would be for the badger to pose an unprecedented threat and get the bear nervous , thus weakening his demeanour and, therefore, his defense. This scenario is highly unlikely, however.

    Weapons: With huge teeth and 12-inch-wide paws that could crush a human skull with one blow (not to mention huge, tearing claws), Ursus Arctos is a deadly killing machine. The Honey Badger has a formidable, rapid bite with a mouth-full of razor teeth. His long, sharp claws are also a deadly weapon

    The undisputed winner is the Polar Bear. The badger's only hope is to 'surround'  the polar bear and inflict blow after blow without the bear having time to react. One blow or bite from the bear (which is inevitable) is enough to devastate the badger, rendering him helpless or killing him. Despite having some superior attributes, the badger's bite would not be enough to stop the mighty onlaught of the bear. I'm afraid it is flee or be crushed for the badger, even against a relatively small female bear

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