Liverpool inquire about Lille forward Eden Hazard while Inter Milan create sparks

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Liverpool inquire about Lille forward Eden Hazard while Inter Milan create sparks
According to reports from Anfield, Liverpool has approached Lille with an official bid for their starlet, Sources have revealed the bid to be around £20 million but they can't confirm an answer from Lille as yet. Other top European clubs have
also shown interest in the player but Inter Milan stands out to be a real competitor for Liverpool.
The prodigal Belgian international has come in the limelight in the football world. Hazard's talent has helped Lille win the French domestic league, Ligue 1, hence, it is understandable if the French outfit demands more money for their star striker.
However, it can be predicted with ease that Lille won't just be looking at the monetary rewards of the deal, they would also consider Hazard’s own willingness to leave the club and they would not agree to a transfer unless Hazard is happy with the terms.
Though Hazard himself has desired to make a move from the French club, he has declared Liverpool is not the club for him.
The rising youngster told in an earlier press conference that he would rather make an entry into Italy or Spain. He also explained that the reason he would like to make a move to Spain is because he admires the Spanish game play.
Nonetheless, the board has asked Lille to let them know if there is a chance for the Reds to acquire his services at the beginning of the 2011-12 season.
However, Liverpool is not the only club aiming to bring Hazard to their ranks.
Top notch football clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United,, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan have also shown interest in Hazard.
Liverpool, on the other hand, is trying their best to lure the youngster by offering him higher wages and more first team opportunities but if Hazard is unable to comprehend the English game play, all their efforts would be futile.
Currently, Hazard has a contract that runs until 2015 with Lille so there are still 4 years left in his contract. However, the rising talent has confirmed his services will be in the market as he is looking towards a 'big club' move this summer.
Over the past week Hazard has been edging towards a move to Italy. In his press release a few days ago, the Belgian star stated, “I want to play at a big club and in Italy we know there are many. I have no preference. A major championship, I feel like it.
But for now, I am with Lille”.
This was followed by an immediate response from Inter Milan’s President, Massimo Moratti.
The Italian commented, “I read what the player said. He is certainly one of the players we are following. But I feel every time we speak about him he becomes more expensive”.



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