Matthew Stevens faces Dominic Dale in last 16 of PTC 2010-11 Grand Final

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Matthew Stevens faces Dominic Dale in last 16 of PTC 2010-11 Grand Final
Matthew Stevens of Wales will face compatriot Dominic Dale in the last-16 round of the Players Tour Championship (PTC) 2010-11 Grand Final at the Helix Theatre in Dublin today. Stevens defeated Gerard Greene of England 4-2 in the first round
of the tournament yesterday.
Matthew Stevens is ranked 18 in the World Snooker Rankings 2010-11 and occupies 24th spot in the PTC order of merit. Stevens has participated in 55 matches of the ranking events in the 2010-11 season. Out of these matches he has won 35, lost 17
and has gotten walkovers in three matches.
Two of those were against Ali Carter in Euro PTC 2 and 3 and one was against Tony Knowles in Euro PTC 5, which makes his winning percentage 69.1. His frame winning percentage is 58.4, as he played 317 frames out of which he grabbed 185 and crashed in 132.
The 2003 UK Championship winner Stevens participated in all 12 events of PTC, six Star Xing Pai PTC events and six Euro PTC events. He played a total of 39 PTC matches and won 27 including three walkovers, which take his PTC match winning percentage to 69.2.
Meanwhile, his frame winning percentage in PTC events is 60.5; 112 frame wins out of 185.
On the other hand the Welshman Dominic Dale has been ranked 31st in the World Snooker rankings for 2010-11. The rankings were revised after the 2011 Welsh Open and he moved up to seventh in the PTC order of merit revised after the sixth event of Euro PTC.
Dale clinched 35 match wins and one walkover against Ronnie O’Sullivan in the German Masters 2011, while he suffered 17 defeats out of his 52 matches in the ranking events of the 2010-11 season.
The 2008 Shanghai Masters champion Dale also participated in all events of PTC. He played 37 PTC matches and won 26 out of them to gain a winning percentage of 70.2. His frame wins in the PTC are 124 out of 195 for a frame winning percentage of 63.6. Dale
has also grabbed the Star Xing Pai PTC event six title beating Martin Gould 4-3 in the final.
Both Stevens and Dale have gone head-to-head two times during the 2010-11 season in the Star Xing Pai PTC event five and six. Dale thrashed Stevens in both of the matches 4-3 and 4-1 respectively.
The tournament started yesterday featuring best-of-7 frames matches with no intervals. All matches of the PTC Grand Final are being played on a roll-on/roll-off basis in which the each match starts at the allocated time and there is a 15-minute interval
between two matches. Players Tour Championship 2010-11 Grand Final ends on 20th March.



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