Malaysia fail to overpower Singapore at the Uber Cup Preliminary Round – Badminton news

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Malaysia fail to overpower Singapore at the Uber Cup Preliminary Round – Badminton news
Malaysia’s females could not live up to expectations as they went down to Singapore at the Uber Cup Preliminary Round in Macau, on Sunday, February 19. Singaporean shuttlers showed their impressive performance and overpowered the Malaysian opponents with a tight margin of 3-2.
In the opening Women’s Singles fight, Malaysian ace Tee Jing Yi played to her maximum abilities and remained successful in beating Singapore’s Gu Juan in thrilling three games with a 21-13, 10-21 and 21-15 score on the board.
The following battle was in the category Women’s Doubles where Singapore’s Yao Lei and Shinta Mulia Sari showed their elevated skills against Malaysia’s Lim Yin Loo and Goh Liu Ying and won the fight.
The Singaporean duo finished the contest in straight games with a 21-13 and 21-16 score on the board.
In the second Women’s Singles fight, Singapore’s Fu Mingtian played to her maximum potential and thrashed Malaysia’s Sannatasah Saniru with a comprehensive margin of 21-12 and 21-15.
However, in the second Women’s Doubles contest, Malaysia’s Wong Pei Tty and Vivian Hoo defeated Singapore’s Thng Ting Ting and Chen Jiayuan with a margin of 21-14 and 21-17 and levelled the match by a 2-2 score on the board.
In the decisive Women’s Singles battle, Singapore’s Liang Xiaoyu put up superb display of top quality badminton against Malaysia’s Yang Li Lian and ended the fight in straight games with a 21-14 and 21-17 score on the board.
With this win in the decisive fight, Singapore emerged as the winner of this match against Malaysia with a 3-2 margin.
After the match, the coach Rexy Mainaky said that all players have lost their confidence after suffering with back to back defeats in Macau.
He said, "They have lost hope and the continuous defeats also affected their confidence. We have to look forward and try to prepare a stronger team. The doubles have shown improvement but we still have a lot to do and must bring the younger pairs to the next level."
The failure of Malaysian female shuttlers is quite alarming and Malaysia need to bring more young players in order to survive at international level.



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