Kenny Perry reshapes his game, does fine at Alliance Championship

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Kenny Perry reshapes his game, does fine at Allianz Championship
Veteran Kenny Perry knows there is only one way to prove his worth, and that is through the quality of his game. The 51-year-old American star played the Allianz Championship held at Boca Raton, Florida, from February 10-12, 2012.
Perry knew that he would be able to do what he wished to, because he put his complete trust in his distinct putting style.  
The Championship proved tougher than he had anticipated, as he struggled to find a foothold on the course.
This time, he showed up at the Old Course wearing a pair of binoculars. Pumped up with the hype and confidence, Perry played the tournament according to his game plan, which apparently did not backfire.
He grouched that he always finished way behind the top leaders on the scoreboard and this is what has been annoying him for years. He said that he changed many things in his game style, especially putting.
"There were a couple of tournaments where I finished 15 shots behind the winners," Perry said.
"I had to go back and regroup a little bit because it was a shock to my system. It's easier on the regular tour to make the cut and try to perform than it is to win a tournament out here. A lot of guys don't understand how big of a transition there is. I
didn't understand," he added.
When he set foot on the course at Florida, he did not expect that he would be able to finish the event in an impressive style.
He came off well in the all the rounds, with an overall 214 strokes. In the round 1, he shot a 70 and was happy he did something he had been seeking. The round 2 made him a little edgy, as he carded a 75.
Perry knew that it was his day, as there were comfortable winds sweeping through, providing enough room to make calculated putts on the greens.  
He forged ahead and tried not to make lousy strokes. He showed it in round 3. Although he messed up a few holes, doing what he was not supposed to do, he still managed to score an impressive 69. The round 3 helped him strengthen his position on the leaderboard.



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