Charlie Whiting: Blown diffuser to be discussed in TWG meeting on June 16 – Formula 1 news

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Charlie Whiting: Blown diffuser to be discussed in TWG meeting on June 16 – Formula 1 news
The International Automobile Federation (FIA) race director Charlie Whiting has stated that the decision to ban the blown diffuser will be finalised when the Technical Working Group meeting is held on June 16, 2011.
Whiting made it clear that although the exhaust gases from the engine have to come out somewhere, but the diffuser conflicts with one of the FIA rules for which it has to be banned.
Whiting said, “We are going to discuss it on June 16th at the next Technical Working Group meeting. We’ll come up with an introduction plan after that. We are not backing off on the principle; we are just backing off slightly on the planned introduction.”
Whiting added that the diffuser problem started from the 2010 season but was not so beneficial and also not conflicting with the FIA rules.
However, as the 2011 season progressed, many teams used this technology in such a way that the FIA had to step in.
“We accept the fact exhaust gasses have to come out somewhere, and teams are going to do the best they can to get a benefit from that. We have never had a problem with exhaust positions. This latest phenomenon is what we have a problem with,” stated Whiting.
Whiting explained that the diffuser works independent of the exhaust system and works in such a way that even when the driver is off the throttle in the corners and in turns, the gases blown out keep the car in momentum.
He added that the diffuser conflicts with the Article 3.15 of the technical regulations.
Red Bull mastered the technology when their technical director, Adrian Newey came up with the idea. Many teams including McLaren and Mercedes followed the technology and used it to good effect.
However, as Whiting seems stubborn on the ban on the diffuser, the top five teams of the Formula 1 are going to suffer.
The fifth Grand Prix of the 2011 season in Spain on May 22 might see the blown diffusers for the last time.



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