Luke Harris grabs Boys 5km Open Water gold: Day two – Australian Open Water Championships

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Luke Harris grabs Boys 5km Open Water gold: Day two – Australian Open Water Championships
Luke Harris of Logan Vikings went full throttle and grabbed the title of the 5km Open Water discipline in Boys 13 Year Olds age group on second day of the 2012 Australian Open Water Championships on Saturday, February 18.
The Australian championship played a prominent role in flourishing skills of all age group open water athletes as the three-day event gave an opportunity to all national players to participate in their main events before the 2012 London Olympic Games.
The 13-year-old Harris faced strong resistance from Mitchell Simmons of Miami and Bradley Woodward of Mingara in the 10km event but with his unrelenting efforts, he outperformed them on the finishing end for gold medal.
The teenager gained a prominent lead over his rivals in the start of the race. With his exceptional efforts and breath-taking pace, he managed to lead the way towards the finishing line.
Simmons tried his level best to engage Simmons in a neck-to-neck race in the second half of the swim but he failed to sustain his pace and lost gold medal. With his remarkable efforts, Harris earned his way to the podium for gold medal of the 5km discipline
by reporting an effort of 1 hour, 04 minutes and 05.17 seconds.
The gold medallist was trailed by Queensland’s Simmons, who stayed nearly nine seconds slower from her foregoing competitor and stepped on the victory stand for second position by posting a time of 1 hour, 04 seconds and 14.06 seconds.
The silver medallist was traced by Woodward, who was almost six seconds slower and occupied bronze medal of the event in a time of 1 hour, 04 minutes and 20.85 seconds.
Other highlighting performances of the event included swims of Jacob Taylor of East Brisbane and Zachary Bevan of Rockingham, who ended their swims in fourth and fifth place with timings of 1:04:35.51 and 1:04:41.96 hours, respectively.
Harris was happy with his national title claiming effort in the 5km discipline. Furthermore, the spectators applauded for forceful efforts of all podium finishers whereas the winners received awards and accolades for their untouchable efforts after the session.



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