Kat Sharkey gets selection in USA Women’s National Field Hockey Team

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Kat Sharkey gets selection in USA Women’s National Field Hockey Team
At last the struggles of Kat Sharkey bore fruits for her and she has been selected in the Women’s field hockey team of USA. Sharkey, the player hailing from Moosic, has been named in the national squad owing to her brilliant performances in the recently
concluded National Women Championship.
Speaking to the media after her selection, Sharkey said that she was greatly pleased in making into the national side. She stated, “I’ve been striving for this since I was in seventh grade. I’m happy that all my hard work has finally paid off.”
She was one of the five women players who are going to make their international debut in 2011. Beside these five players, some 23 will be remained same. She displayed an outstanding performance in the just concluded National Women Championship which helped
the selectors to finalise the squad for the upcoming mega events. It is vital to mention here that some 102 players partook in the championship in a bid to get a berth in the national side.
Everyone got surprised over the selection, except former coach of Sharkey, Karen Klassner, who trained her in Wyoming Seminary. The former coach was of the opinion that she was really excited over the selection of Sharkey in the national squad. In his views,
she should have been selected a long career before this.
Klassner further stated that Sharkey not only has a impressive stick-work and pace, but also a splendid nose for scoring the goals that really shines her game. During the national championship, she proved her worth onto the field and made the victory possible
for her team on several occasions.
In the meantime, Lee Bodimeade, the head coach of the USA Women’s hockey team, also applauded the performance of Sharkey saying that she has had the capability to play in the international team. It is worth to mention here that she was leading scorer in
the championship that impressed selectors.
Following her selection, she will have more chances to get berth in the final lineup for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. The final line-up will be selected from the national team.
Sharkey was of the view that every player in the national side wanted to get into the Olympic line-up. “But I’m just going to bring my best in training and be the best I can be every day,” she added.
It is vital to mention here that she will make her international debut in the upcoming fall season at Princeton, where she had graced the colours at times. She was honoured as Ivy League Player of the Year, where she notched 33 goals and assisted in some
74 other points.



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