J.J. Redick talks about Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard tussle - NBA Update

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J.J. Redick talks about Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard tussle - NBA Update

J.J. Redick, the Orlando Magic guard, has become the first Magic player to open up about the whole Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy saga. Although he chose the words very carefully but it did show that coach-player interpersonal
relations had taken its toll on the team. The uncertainty that looms large with the franchise has placed the players in an awkward zone.
Normally players refrain from taking sides when it comes to choose between a coach and a key player. But the 27 year old guard maintained a stance that was both objective and unbiased. He abstained from using any provocative and
instigating statements.
The guard said that it was a blow for fans when the coach publically admitted that Howard is trying to get him fired. The sight resembled to any drama scene, Van Gundy was spitting fire against Howard in a press conference and
Howard approaches him. He rests his hand on Van’s shoulder pretending nothing happened. Coach left Howard behind to answer the questions.
Redick said that Howard kept on denying about it and that was the point where team’s perception changed about Howard.
“Within the team I think our perception has changed a little bit”. Redick said during a session with Russ Thaler of NBC Sports. “But I am a Dwight supporter, I played with him for six years, I’ve been through some battles with
him, won a lot of games tagging along side of him. He has been great for our organization”.  
He continued that Howard was probably disoriented. He is a great person and his actions were influenced by bad advice. Redick said that this was not a great year for Howard as injuries took better of him but he hopes that he will
have a great run in the next season.
It is no secret that Howard’s stance has (almost) led the franchise to the decision of firing Van Gundy. The trade saga and influential personalities dissuading Howard form leaving Magic has significantly undermined coach’s position.
Moreover Howard went onto present the front office with a list of potential coaches he would like to play with.
This left the franchise on crossroads and they had to choose between one, coach or player, as the intractability went beyond repair.
During the same show Redick was questioned about Howards’ relations with Stan Van Gundy. He said the same and declared the alleged request as the point of no return.
“I’m not sure what happened and what transpired with management, with Dwight’s alleged request for Stan to get fired, I’m not privy to all the inside information. Certainly at some point that relationship started to change a little
bit in March, and from that point on things got weird.”
He however refused to discuss the future of both Howard and Van Gundy.



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