Orlando Magic super star Dwight Howard denies Stan Van Gundy claims – NBA Update

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Orlando Magic super star Dwight Howard denies Stan Van Gundy claims – NBA Update
The Orlando Magic are a club in disarray. On Thursday, just hours before the Magic took on New York Knicks in a crucial Eastern Conference matchup, head coach Stan Van Gundy rocked the franchise, its fans, and indeed the complete NBA landscape with some
stunning claims.
Stan alleged, in no uncertain words, that his franchise player Dwight Howard wanted to have him fired. Indeed, Van Gundy went on to claim that Howard had even told the Orlando Magic management that the current coach should be replaced at the end of the season.
Although there had been a report in the press with this regard, Van Gundy’s blunt take on the matter shocked everyone; none more so than Magic centre Howard.
Howard was clearly taken aback by the comments and has since denied completely that he wanted Van Gundy out or that he spoke to anyone regarding the matter.
In fact Howard didn’t even realize immediately what had transpired, and it was only later that he could offer a detailed take on the matter.
"I woke up just like you did yesterday, and I saw all of a sudden I want Stan out of here. Why would I want Stan to be fired with 12 games left in the season? Who's going to be the coach?" Dwight said.
The whole situation is all the more absurd because Howard just recently signed a contract extension with the Magic that would mean that he stays at the franchise for next season. If he had such deep lying issues with the management or the coaching staff,
it would have made more sense just not to renew and move on at the end of the current campaign.
Whatever may be the case, Dwight was steadfast in his denial of any and all the claims made. He argued that he hadn’t tried to influence the General Manager or owner or anyone high above in the franchise, and it was only they who could decide such matters.
"Whatever happens at the end of the season is not under my control. I am a player for the Magic. I am not the GM. I am not [owner] Rich DeVos. I am not [president] Alex Martins. That is not my job. ... I haven't said anything to anybody about anything.”
Howard has grown tremendously as a player under Stan. In fact, the two had been on great terms, at least publically, until Howard claimed that Van Gundy’s direct and brash approach to coaching was “counterproductive”.
It is not clear how things will shape up this late in the season at Orlando, although some repercussions must be expected. In fact, the Magic lost to the Knicks right after Stan’s initial statement, and Howard didn’t play near his best at all.



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