Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard: I still talk to Stan Van Gundy – NBA Update

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Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard: I still talk to Stan Van Gundy – NBA Update
Dwight Howard, the super star centre of the Orlando Magic, has once again reiterated that there has been no falling out with head coach Stan Van Gundy, saying he talks to the coach still. Dwight was speaking to TMZ when he was asked if he still spoke to
the head coach.
"a bunch of times" Dwight said, of talking to the coach since the playoffs began.
Howard and Van Gundy are believed to be at loggerheads after a stunning accusation by the coach towards the end of the regular season, when he said that the centre wanted him gone from Orlando. Van Gundy went on to suggest that Howard had approached the
higher management at the franchise in this regard.
Dwight was surprised by his coach’s outburst and denied all allegations. Orlando’s management have also backed Howard’s version, but the mist still remains.
Howard was ruled out of the playoffs after he was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his lower back. The player has undergone surgery on his back since and is not currently with the team, a fact that frustrates him further.
"Sad” Howard said describing his state of mind at present, for not being able to support his teammates at least at courtside. "Just a little sad that I can't be in Orlando with my teammates in the playoffs."
The player wanted to be there for his team who are currently battling in the playoffs without their most prized asset. However the doctors haven’t allowed him to travel much and want to keep him under their gaze for a little longer.
"I went back and forth with the doctor for a couple of days ... and he just said, 'Dwight I need you to stay here, I don't need you to go back home, I don't need you travelling on the plane ... anything.'"
The situation has left Howard frustrated and with a feeling of confinement that he isn’t that fond of.
"I feel like I'm in jail," Dwight said ... "I just really wish I could be there for my teammates."
Without Howard in the side, the chances of Orlando making much progress in the playoffs are slim.



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