Alejandro Gomez snares Men’s 1500m freestyle gold: Day three – Venezuela Open Championships

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Alejandro Gomez snares Men’s 1500m freestyle gold: Day three – Venezuela Open Championships
Alejandro Gomez of SCLN snared gold medal of the Men’s 1500m freestyle in the 14 and above age class on third day of the Venezuela Open Championships in Maracaibo on May 19.
The 27-year-old Gomez devastated hopes of his challengers and proved his eligibility for the title of the distant freestyle event. He faced no trouble from his challengers in clinching the title of the event as he kept them at a significant bay and tapped the wall for gold medal.
With his astonishing efforts, he remained considerably ahead of his opponents from the start of the event and sprinted his way towards the finishing wall for gold medal by clocking a time of 15 minutes and 52.45 seconds.
His title-claiming effort remained nearly twenty-six seconds faster from Andy Arteta of PNUDC, who followed Gomez on the victory stand for silver medal by submitting a time of 16 minutes and 18.46 seconds.
The second position holder was chased by Robert Barreto of PGTDC, who stayed nearly sixteen seconds apart and stepped on the medal rostrum for bronze medal by producing an effort of 16 minutes and 34.89 seconds.
Following that, the crowd witnessed exhausting efforts of Javier Rivas of PNUDC, who stayed just 0.66 seconds slower from securing bronze medal of the event and tapped the wall with an effort of 16 minutes and 35.55 seconds for fourth position.
The 18-year-old Rivas was chased by Gabriel Parada of CABOG, who was almost half a minute behind and concluded his race in a time of 17 minutes and 05.55 seconds for fifth best position.
Sixth spot of the event was obtained by Franco Lupoli of EMIL, who tried hard to improve his pace and overpower Parada in the 1500m event but failed to match his irresistible efforts in the second half.
The 18-year-old Lupoli stayed almost thirty-eight seconds slower from his foregoing finisher and secured sixth position of the event by producing a time of 17 minutes and 43.17 seconds.
Furthermore, the position holders were called upon the medal rostrum for their gruelling efforts at the prize distribution ceremony of the tournament.



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