Where's the best place to get an iced coffee?

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Ive only ever had one iced coffee that I really enjoyed and since then cant find another the same. I would go back but I cant remember where I had it, can you suggest a place of which you think does good iced coffees?




  1. tim hortens

  2. mcdonalds!

  3. starbucks

  4. i'm a fan of starbucks, but dunkin donuts is ok too, plus it's cheaper than starbucks

  5. Dunkin' Donuts for me. I've never been fond of iced coffees and people are always recommending Starbucks to me, but trust me, DD gives a really good iced coffee for a good price.

    Hope I helped! :]

  6. dunkin doughnuts

  7. mac mac mac Macdonald's .they have warm coffee.

  8. I found that Burger King has the best iced coffee.  It's called a Mocha Joe, they put chocolate sauce in it.  Although, I assume Dunkin Doughnuts would also have yummy iced coffees.  Macdonalds iced coffees just taste like stale, cold coffee.  Also, Starbucks sells Frapaccinos which are also pretty good, come in a variety of flavors, and can be found in grocery or convenience stores.

  9. Go to a locally owned shopped and asked if they make toddy.  Toddy is a cold brewed coffee that makes the BEST iced coffee . . . . soooo smooth . . . . so delicious . . . . .mmmmmmmmmm . . . . a lot of small shops make their iced coffee this way!

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