Husband's Conniving Mistress

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  1. Your children are priority number one - despite how horrible this is for you, you must put them first (sorry). Allowing your soon-to-be ex-husband to take his frustrations out on you while he considers his lack of options is not going to help you emotionally. As the father to your children, he is responsible for monetary compensation to them (and you if you're not working) if you have the children. Divorce is not always easy, but at least the courts can ensure that each gets their fair share - and I assure you, his attempts to sabotage your rights to his support by way of accusing you of attacking his mistress will not hold up in court. [Be sure you're not the one who sent the anonymous emails - or be connected to him/her]   Good luck with this. Hold firm. Don't kiss his @$$ because you think it will quell his immaturity - it won't. And take it to court. Your children will benefit from your strong will, and your ex will learn the meaning of responsibility before selfishness.

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