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  1.  I really wish I could give you some good advice.. I'm a step-mom having 'similar' problems with my step-son.  He has lived with us for around 8 years.  I have backed off from discipling him all together approx. two years ago.  I went to a therapist and she told me 'if I want something done, exp., room cleaned, I should go to the father and just let him deal with it'.  Although it has helped the tension in the house, the father is a very passive man and the son is just turning into an arrogant little jerk.  Very disrespectful-(not just to me), and ungrateful...She really needs to try some counseling, and then after she works on herself, maybe you could go with her so you can work as a team.  I'm not the best advocate however because as of now, my husband and I are thinking of separating..

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