trouble w/teen daughter of partner

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  1. I am also struggling with same issue for 5 years and I have taken the stand to stay at my house and he come visit me there. There is still issues with this. His 17 year old has come to live with him and that's when I stopped sleeping at his house. She is allowed to wake us up whenever she likes and he has not repremanded her for this behavior. I told him if I sleep over and this happens, then I am going to say something. Needless to say this has changed our relationship since she has come to live with him.. I do get along well with her because I do not allow her to manipulate me like she does her father. But I am very sad and am thinking of ending the realtionship because it looks like he is not willing to discipline this one girl. He has three other children, but it is sickening what he allows this one to do. She is very jealous of me. She pushed me over the edge this past September when she cursed out her brother in law and when her father yelled at her she refused to talk to him, then two days later she got a tattoo, then cheated on her boyfriend with her 22 yrar old boss. Then woke us both up 3 weekends in a row, are you ready for this one- To tell us she is taking a shower!! When I spoke to my boyfriend about how she is out of control, his answer is she gets good grades in school and does well at her job. So he is in total denial. He refuses to see that she does well beccause school and work will not tolerate her behavior. I am at my wits end and this is causing me such stress that I am willing to walk away from someone who is perfect for me. I am 50 and he is 51. My opinion is he is too passive to put his foot down and to a woman this kills your spark for a man. All he ever does is apologize. It is to the point where I do not even want to hear his apologies, I think he should make her apologize.

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