Q For Anti - Medicine and Traditional Doctor Mothers?

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I have treated just about any sickness that I have had in my adult life with herbs and supplements, and I use a few herbs with Emma (namely catnip and fennel for calming and digestion). My concern is what to do when she gets sick. Did you give your baby "doctor's medicine" such as antibitotics (I am so scared of a reaction or yeast breakout) or did you attempt non traditional ways first.




  1. I always do home treatment before taking my kids to the doctor.. There are far too many antibiotic resistant stains out there.. The less antibiotics we use the better off we will be

  2. my parents always used traditional medicine with me when I was younger and I never had any problems.

    I would suggest following typical medical procedure at least while she is still young because with children you don't want to take any chances with not treating them correctly

  3. I'm the same as you, I HATE the idea of giving my son anti-biotics if the good isn't going to outweigh the bad.  I also let his fever get WAY higher than a lot of parents would so that he can break it naturally, and he's never been in a hospital (not even when he was born !).  However there are a couple of instances when I have given him antibiotics, namely two times he has got a staph (staphococyllus is the proper name I think ?) infection.  This is because I tried EVERYTHING naturally possible to treat a staph infection, and nothing worked.  And also, because I learnt about the long term damage that staph infections can cause the kidneys.

    What has been the most important thing for me is to have a doctor who understands and respects my decisions, and treats me like an informed Mother, not someone who's going to do what she says just because she's a doctor !  We would discuss the positives and negatives of alopathic (doctor's) and natural medicines with every condition that he had, and I always felt like if I went into the doctor with him, it didn't mean that I was going to walk out with a prescription.  Maybe instead I'd learn a fantastic tip, like using garlic to get rid of an ear infection.

    I know that even in lil' ol' NZ we have Doctors who are also qualified homeopaths, so if you could find one of those that would be great.  But any respectful, open minded Doctor would be great, so it's definitely worth shopping around for.

  4. I try hard not to give my kids "doctors meds", unless they absolutely need it, typical cold and flu-I let it take it's course. My doctor knows how I feel about this and helps me greatly, doctors don't like you to know about the alternative meds. (There are drops for ear infections, rather than antibiotics)

  5. I am super anti-medicine, and I only take my kids to the doctor when something is really wrong.  I do give my kids antibiotics, if they are needed.  I'm really lucky that their doctor doesn't pass out antibiotics like candy, as some dr's do.  The only problem I have had, was my son is allergic to pennicilin, and all that happened was that he broke out in a skin rash.

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