How do I scream screamo?

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Hi, Im in a band (in the making) and I am the Guitarist/Lead Singer/Screamer.

Now here are my questions...

1. Since, im lead singer, should I scream? I mean, could is harshly effect my singing abilities?

2. I read alot of articles that when screaming, it should not hurt and if so you should stop, I can sing already, im practicing screaming, so when I scream I hit this point where I being to cough, it doesn't hurt, I just cough. Is this a normal, good or bad thing?

3. Any tips on screaming?

Thanks alot ;)




  1. i don't have any tips on screaming

    but my friend used to be the vocalist in a band that played metal

    and her voice got totally ruined

    im not trying to scare you but i dont think its for everyone


  2. well if youre a lead singer, maybe your band should get another vocalist that does the screaming. oh and does your band have a myspace page? if so, request me so i can check your band out. =]

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