Stone Temple Pilots?

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I'm wondering about the Stone Temple Pilots. Are they any good? What's there best album? Also, on a completely random note, do you consider me to be part of the R&P family?




  1. To me they are a very good band. Their best albums are Core and their self titled release also known as the Purple Album. Another good one is their Tiny Music cd.

  2. YOU suck victor.

    They're an amazing band, even better in concert.

    I personally think their album "Core" is the best one because it has Dead and Bloated, s*x Type Thing, Plush, and Creep on it.

  3. Yes. STP is a very good band, very active in the Grunge movement. Every one of their albums are good.



    Shangri La Dee Da

    Tiny Music Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop

    No. 4

    Best Songs:

    Meat Plow

    Pour Some Sugar on Me(cover)


    Wicked Garden

    s*x Type Thing

  4. STP were very good. I would say probably that "Purple" is pretty universally considered to be their best Album.

    Sure Exemplars, You're a Reg.

  5. yeah STP is killer. Purple may be considered their best album

    and yes I consider you a part of the R&P family

  6. Great band.

    Get the albums "Core" (one of my faves from the 90s) or "Purple."

    Scott Weiland is one of my favorite vocalists of all time.

    And Yeah, I've seen you a lot recently. You're a regular to me!

  7. Yes they are very good...Dean DeLeo is one of the most underrated guitar players out there, he is awesome!  

    The first 2 albums are probably the best...IMO all of the albums have good songs on them

  8. OMG!!

    They are the BEST Band of that Genre for the 90's in my Opinion - Though not from the Grunge of Seattle (they were from L.A.) - They came out at the same time as the Grunge movement and some think they belong - but I just consider them Alternative Metal

    HEAVY Music with Great Lyrics.

    The First 3 albums are Essential !!

    It's a Tough Call, but If you just want One to start with --

    Their 2nd Album "PURPLE" edges-out their Debut - "CORE" - IMO

    But you should get Both :)

    Coming in 3rd would be "Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop" - Also Great, but not as powerful as the first 2.

    Hardcore Fans also tell me that their 4th & 5th Albums are worth having if you like the First 3 --

    "No. 4" &  "Shangri-La Dee Da"

    They are on my "to buy" List :)


  9. They are OK.  Not great but have a few good tunes.

  10. they suck always have always will

  11. STP are good.their best album is either core or purple.  
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