I need some help making up words to my song I'm writing.?

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What I have so far is " I beat to the sound of my own drum it makes me who I am there's nothing left to say this is who I am today" tell me what you think and if you can make up some more word thanks.




  1. that's actually really good lyrics to begin with, but i have no words to add sorry  

  2. i like that sounds like u have a lot of confidence your independent and mind of your own like your a leader and not a follower how bout; so take it or leave it this me and how i'll stay

    i hope i helped =]

  3. i beat to the sound of my own drum

    it is who i am today

    the drum is the rythym of my very soul

    it is who i will be always

    if you dont like the beat im drummin

    step out of my circle; get runnin

    there is nothing left for me to say

    this is who i am today.

    i dont know. good luck with that one.

  4. There really good lyrics to start off with!


    I beat to the sound of my own drum

    It makes me who I am, there's nothing left to say

    This is who I am today

    I sing the song of my own anthem

    It taught me who to be, theres nothing left to condemn

    Now I know who I am


    Hope this helped! =]

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