Do the pro's use Drop D tuning?

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when i use drop d... i find the chords to be very simple (laying on finger across the 3 top strings) and I'm wondering if that is a bad way to practice.




  1. Yeah, definitely.

    Alot of the Metal, Hard Rock bands use drop D to push that deep heavy sound...

    - Rage against the machine, System of a down..

    It really just depends on the style of music that you're playing.

  2. Have you never heard of Nirvana? Almost everything by them is in Drop D!

  3. It completely depends on the style of music you are playing. Many many bands use that tuning, mostly within hard rock and metal. Interestingly enough, drop D is often used in acoustic fingerstyle, but I'm pretty sure you use it primarily for power chords. So to answer your question, yes, the pros use it, and no, it is not necessarily a bad way to practice. It does achieve a heavier sound, if that is what you want.  

  4. "Pros" and underground and not to famous pros also use ALL KINDS OF DIFFERENT DROP tunings, Drop D, Drop C, Drop B, Drop D standard, Drop A#, Drop F#, ALL KINDS and even E standard and Eb. I think I am a pro at least EVERYONE tells me that also and I Drop C myself. when it comes to Metal and Metal bands not to many of them are even in E standard or Eb these days they all DROP TUNE or use 7 or 8 stringers

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