How do wild animals give birth

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How do wild animals give birth




  1. Mammals - as humans

    Monotremes - Eggs

    Marsupials -  give birth then develop fetus further in pouch

    Birds - eggs  

  2. It varies somewhat depending on which animals, and the answers really are obvious enough. Most mammals give birth to live young via the birth canal.  Your mother did this.  Three genera of mammals -such as the platypus- lay eggs instead.  As with birds and many different vertebrates, the eggs are laid from a body opening called the cloaca.

  3. what do you mean? are you asking how they do it in general? like mammals giving birth live and birds laying eggs? or do you mean how do they do it with out help? if its the later, its instinct, if its the first then it depends on the animal

  4. It depends greatly on the animal. If it's a mammal the baby would come from the birth canal, as with humans. If it's a reptile or bird, they would lay eggs. The best way to find out is to go to and do a search for the specific animal you're curious about. The articles usually describe reproduction and birth.

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