The Future Supersonic private jet, will cost about 120 million dollars

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The future supersonic private jet, which will cost about 120 million dollars per unit (113 million euros at current exchange rates) it now has as its main partner European consortium Airbus. The first ideas began to flourish in 2002, before the Concorde was retired from service. The subsequent financial crisis left him lethargic. Now, however, the wind blows his way. "We already have the technical solution to make it happen," said Ken McKenzie, CEO of Airbus.
The Aerion project, which will connect the two shores of the Atlantic in four hours, reborn just at a time in which the mythical Jumbo dead concept is almost dead. The Boeing B747 intercontinental flights opened to the masses. Airbus tried to replicate its success with the A380. But technological development allowed smaller aircraft can fly further and faster, and spending a lot less fuel than these giants that ply the skies over the oceans with four engines hung from the wings.

Cessna has just introduced the same air show held in Las Vegas on Citation Hemisphere, a private plane capable of flying 4,500 nautical miles without refueling. It is mostly for business aircraft, competing with similar models from Bombardier. As Ernest Scott, president of Textron industry group says it is time to transform this segment of the aerospace industry by offering customers the latest technology available and larger cabins.
The future supersonic private jet already has an initial order for 20 units by the operator Flexjet. But to make it a viable business it must attract the attention of other companies like NetJets or even DeerJet in China. Its design has a profile reminiscent of the Concorde. The first model in carbon fiber wings, fuselage, landing gear and other components are ready. The cabin will have the capacity to carry eight to 12 people at a speed of Mach 1.5, ie, 1.5 times the speed of sound.
So far this type of technology is confined to the military fighter bombers. Final assembly of the supersonic aircraft will be handled by Aerion. This takes place in a complex of 40 hectares which will begin construction in 2018. The idea is that it must be located in an airport, which has reserved and space to perform supersonic flight, preferably offshore area.

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