Why cricket is better than golf – An analysis

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Why cricket is better than golf – An analysis        
For some just the heading is enough to convince them of the more than obvious truth that there is no comparison of golf to cricket. For those who still harbour doubts on the matter, a detailed analysis is in order.
Golf may be a game played by individuals and cricket more of a team game, yet it is in direct competition with the latter for being THE ‘Gentleman’s game’. Perhaps the only department that golf may be ahead of cricket is the dress code section. Stretching
the term semi-formal to its limit, golfers are perhaps the only sportsmen who dress as if they have a dinner party after they complete their round.
What gives a cricket player an edge over a golfer as an athlete is the fact that the former requires both physical fitness and high levels of mental concentration, while the latter depends more on the mental concentration aspect than anything else.
While golfer’s stroll around at an almost leisurely pace walking from tee shot to fairway, rough to green without breaking sweat, a cricket player can be seen doing what is a fundamental requirement of every athlete: running.
There is plenty of passion in the game of golf, possibly even more than in cricket but one can never know for sure. While cricketers celebrate taking wickets with enthusiasm, catches with excitement to the roar of the crowd, the golfer must suppress such
A nod to the crowd, raising one’s hand or lifting one’s cap in acknowledgement is the norm for celebrating in golf on a professional stage. The only exception being the living legend,, who does not hold back with his now trademark fist pump celebration.
Even those who endure the long walks, follow their favorite golfer throughout the day to cheer their favourite player. Treated to some fine shots on regular occasions, they are restricted by the sport to celebrate with anything more than a round of polite
applause. Though the trend is now changing, one cannot compare the celebrations of the cricket fans to those in the world of golf.
Golf is not a game for the masses, usually requiring membership to a club and a set of golf clubs that cannot be called ‘inexpensive’. One needs a huge course on which to play meaning that not everyone will have a golf course or a driving range in their
locality. Cricket, on the other hand, is more for the masses as anyone can play almost anywhere.
It is for this reason that golf is considered more a game of those who enjoy snobbery. This however is a harsh assessment, true that golf has more of a limited membership feel to it; it is still a game that can be enjoyed by many if they are serious about
Playing golf can be a pleasure either alone or with a few fellow enthusiasts yet there is a huge difference between playing the sport and watching it being played. The coverage breaks between different players as they walk from shot to shot, whereas, in
cricket all the action takes place in the same place, leaving televised golf feeling disjointed.
On the other hand, if one really wants to see why cricket is better than golf one it should be left to the fans to decide. More people watch the Cricket World Cup than the Masters and Ryder cup.
In the end, cricket and golf may both be a joy to play, with the former requiring more athleticism than the latter, but with so many formalities and restrictions that bind both players and fans from showing their passion in golf; it has to be considered
more a game than a sport.



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