Minnesota Twins sign free agent pitcher Kevin Correia for a two-year deal- MLB News

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Minnesota Twins sign free agent pitcher Kevin Correia for a two-year deal- MLB News

After much speculation, it is reported that the Minnesota Twins have inked in a two-year deal with free agent pitcher Kevin Correia. Kevin has been a person of interest for the Twins amongst others for a while now. The deal is said to be worth around $10
The Twins have had a fair bit of struggle in the pitching department and up until recently, Scott Diamond was the only pitcher that was pencilled in for the opening rotation next year. The 32-year-old has plenty of Major League experience and has been a
part of the big leagues for 10 seasons now and has represented three different ball clubs.
In the 2012 season, Kevin had reasonable returns for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He posted a 12-11 winning record in 32 games, 28 of them as a starting pitcher. His 4.21 ERA was better than his career ERA of 4.51 and also posted a lower then average 1.30 WHIP
in the last season. He has a 60-65 career win-loss record.
The Twins themselves had a torrid time in the 2012 season as their pitching unit failed to impress. The posted a high 5.40 ERA and 1.48 WHIP. The starters had a 39-75 losing record which contributed in the bottom of the table finish for the Minnesota ball
club in the American League Central with a 66-96 record.
The general manager for the Twins, Terry Ryan had earlier said that the team was open to all starting pitching options and had contacted just about everyone available in the market. "I don't believe there's a guy alive [we haven't talked to]," Ryan said
with a laugh. "I've talked to quite a few agents for starting pitching."
The policy seems to have worked and now with Correia signed as a free agent and Vance Worley acquired through trade, the opening rotation for the Minnesota Twins seems to be taking shape. The team also recently added Washington Nationals’ top pitching prospect
Alex Meyer to their ranks as a long term prospect.
The Twins seem to be moving into the right direction to fill in the holes in the pitching unit. It would be best that they have a good idea about their starting rotation for the next season by the time spring training arrives.



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