Football Transfer Update: Benfica President meets David Luiz agent over the €25 million bid by Chelsea

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Football Transfer Update: Benfica President meets David Luiz agent over the €25 million bid by Chelsea
It has been confirmed that negotiations for has been rejected, the Blues are still trying to bring the star to Stamford Bridge
hence the talks are in process.
Sources have revealed that Blues are still sitting at the table refusing to budge despite the Portuguese club having refused their bids. They have been persistent with their demands thus far and with Chelsea slowly increasing their
bid, pundits have predicted the player will soon be wearing a Blue jersey.
The president of the Portuguese outfit, Luis Bertolucci.
Now that both the clubs and the player’s agent are sitting together and deep in talks for a transfer, it can be expected that a proposal and its acceptance will arrive in the next few hours. 

The prodigal Brazilian international defender has been connected with a move to Stamford Bridge. Previously Benfica tagged Luiz with a price tag of €30 million. Chelsea however, were unwilling to pay as much hence they came up with an offer of €25 million and
that was after they increased it.
When the Italian manager of Chelsea Carlo Ancelotti was questioned about the defender he clarified, “David Luiz is not here and I don’t think he will get game-time.”
All in all Ancelotti has been unable to present a clear statement on the defender. With the club making progress on grounds and showing resilience with the player, it is expected the centre back will soon be arriving at Stamford
The Brazilian youngster, on other hand, has shown his liking for the Portuguese outfit. He will be club bound nonetheless, as his club has exited from Champions League before christmas. That will not matter much to Chelsea as they
are planning to rebuild their defence and increase depth in their squad.



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