Where can you play Play Mah Jong Solitaire Online

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Where can you play Play Mah Jong Solitaire Online? You come to the right place, Mah Jong Solitaire rocks.

For the Mah Jong Solitaire fanatic, websites abound with games offering variety and challenge. Traditional Mah Jong is an ancient Chinese game played by four people. A game set contains 136 to 152 or more tiles, originally made of bamboo or bone. Mah Jong Solitaire may be played by an individual or two people taking turns and has simpler rules, involving matching tiles until the screen is cleared.

Some online Mah Jong Solitaire sites are basic with no 'bells or whistles'. If you are interested in a bare bones game with no timer, try Mah Jong Solitaire on The tile designs are traditional, Chinese 'characters' (script), 'bamboo' (looks like game pegs), and 'dots', with honor tiles that have geishas and flowers. There is only one layout design. In the lower right corner of the screen is a restart button, but no opportunities for undoing a previous move. A nice help to the player is the feature that makes a selected tile glow until either a match or mismatch is chosen. If you run out of moves, you will hear a boing sound and see a message. If you are successful at clearing the board, the background template animates. You hear the sound of the volcano erupting and the tsunamai-like wave crashing on the shore and see lava flow down the sides of the volcano.

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