Fernando Alonso claims rally crash will not have a mental effect on Robert Kubica – Formula 1 news

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Fernando Alonso claims rally crash will not have a mental effect on Robert Kubica – Formula 1 news
Fernando Alonso has recently stated that Lotus Renault GP driver Robert Kubica will not have any mental effect as a result of the rally accident which took place back in March 2011.
“If you've been through so much and given as much as Robert has suffered to come back, you only want to come back for one reason - to have the same goals as before. The rally accident for Robert was a mishap, bad luck. A man of his calibre can shake it off
- this rally accident has another to do with a Formula One accident,” said Alonso.
According to some reports, it was revealed that Kubica is recovering slowly and steadily but he is still facing some major problems while using his middle-finger.
Other than that, it has been revealed that some of the injuries on his right arm will never recover fully as a result of which he might not be able to perform at his best ever again.
Kubica used to be the front running driver for Renault back in 2010 when Vitaly Petrov joined as a rookie. The Polish driver secured some pretty good results throughout the season with a couple of podium positions as well and it was believed that he would
become one of the top running drivers of the sport in 2011.
Unfortunately, he was unable to compete in the 2011 Formula 1 season but competed in some of the pre-season test sessions. His results were quite spectacular and Renault were looking very sharp during the earlier stages of the season as well.
Nevertheless, reports revealed that Kubica might even return in the 2011 Formula 1 season but now it seems that it will not be possible for him since he still needs to recover fully before getting back in the cockpit.
As a result of all of this drama, it was believed that Kubica might go through some mental problems as well since his nervous system was damaged as well but let’s hope that is not the case as he hopes to return in 2012.



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