Scott Piercy wins the Reno-Tahoe Open

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Scott Piercy wins the Reno-Tahoe Open
Scott Piercy compiled a four-day aggregate of 15-under-par to win the Professional Golf Association’s (PGA) Reno-Tahoe Open at Montreux Golf & Country Club in Sierra Nevada. The American banked on $540,000 worth of prize money alongside 250 FedEx points.
Piercy stepped into the final round as the leader after giving a mind boggling performance on Saturday. The player wrapped the day with a 61 after firing eight consecutive birdies on the front nine.
However, Piercy could not match his overnight performance on Sunday. He reeled only three birdies against a bogey and sealed the day with a score of two-under-par, 70. Despite that, he shot into a lead of one stroke over Pat Perez to move into Top 80 in
the FedEx Cup standings.
Commenting on his debut victory, the 32-year-old Las Vegas-native said, “Finally! It kind of feels like I got the monkey off the back. I have been in the final group five times I think and didn't close the deal. I always thought I could do it and it was
just a matter of doing it. Now I did it ... A big sigh of relief.”
He was chased by Perez, who followed him closely and gave him a tough competition. The American picked up from where he left and caught three birdies at the front to wrap it with a score of three-under-par, 33. On his way to the back, the player reeled two
more birdies against a bogey and wrapped the day with a 68.
“I had one little hiccup and just played solid from there,” said Perez about his lone bogey.
The third spot on the leaderboard was taken by Blake Adams and Steve Flesch with a score of 13-under par.
The 44-year-old Flesch, who is a four-time winner on the PGA Tour, said that he was extremely pleased with his game. According to him, he played the best golf of his career in these last four days. The player felt at ease after knowing that he could still
play, at 44.
Jim Renner posted a score of 68 to claim fifth place on the leaderboard.



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