Jenson Button insists Fernando Alonso’s lead is not a worry – Formula 1 news

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Jenson Button insists Fernando Alonso’s lead is not a worry – Formula 1 news
McLaren driver Jenson Button has insisted that he is not worried by the lead of the Spaniard, Fernando Alonso of Ferrari after 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix held at Sepang International Circuit on Sunday.
“Even after such a bad race - and that's hopefully my bad race for the year gone - I'm still only 10 points off the lead, and that's Alonso in a Ferrari. That's not the worry,” said Button.
Alonso’s remarkable victory in rainy conditions at the second race has given him the top position in the drivers’ championship standing so far, as he is now five points ahead of Lewis Hamilton and additional five of Hamilton’s teammate, Button who won the
first GP at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia.
Nevertheless, Button had expressed that the Alonso’s win at Sepang didn’t bother him while he said that he considered Hamilton and Red Bull Racing drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber to be his biggest rivals this season.
“I'm also only five points behind Lewis, who is the guy in a competitive car, so (it's) still not bad considering the day I had. Lewis is definitely my main rival, and you have to say the Red Bulls as well. Those are the guys I still think are the main ones
at this point in the season, and will be for quite a few races,” said Button.
It would be important to mention that Alonso himself said that the victory in the second GP had changed nothing for the Scarlet team as they still needed to do plenty of work in order to make the essential advancements and necessary preparations for the
races ahead.
However, after facing issues throughout the pre-season testing programme due to which a sense of despair was prevailing on the Red team as technical director, Pat Fry ruled out the possibility of a podium finish in the season opener.
Moreover, the projections of Alonso regarding the team’s expected struggle in the first few races, the fifth place finish in the first race and the victory in the second race has brought some encouraging feelings for the team.



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