Sebastian Vettel claims Fernando Alonso’s defence at Monza was on the edge – Formula 1 news

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Sebastian Vettel claims Fernando Alonso’s defence at Monza was on the edge – Formula 1 news
The reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel has recently stated that the defence by Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso at the 2011 Italian Grand Prix was right on the edge.
Vettel made a very convincing move on Alonso at Monza but quite clearly, it was a fierce battle between the two drivers and in the process, the reigning world champion claims that the Spaniard even pushed him off the track which was unintentional.
“He didn't expect me to go on the left, to try the inside for the second chicane, so initially he didn't see me but as soon as he saw me, he pulled to the right and gave me enough room. It was borderline but I knew if I wanted to get past I needed to try
something,” said Vettel.
Other than that, he added that Alonso did give him space and that is something which was quite clear as a result of which this issue has been resolved.
“Actually, it was more critical the lap before when I was on the right on the outside at the second chicane and he moved a little bit under braking to the right and there wasn't much room for me, we talked about it after the race and I think it's fine,”
he added.
Nevertheless, the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix is Vettel’s main focus for the future and he claims that this incident is a matter of the past. This is something which happens generally if a driver has to take on a driver like Fernando Alonso who is a former
two-time world champion and has a strong aggressive approach towards racing.
Ferrari have been struggling to perform overall this year as they are way behind RBR in the constructors’ standings and they have not been able to cope up with Vettel in the drivers’ standings either.
There were rumours that Alonso used a bad word for Vettel’s move minutes after the race before the press conference which according to the Spaniard never happened.



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