Does the U.S. Marine Corps have an elite light infantry group like the Army has Army Rangers and 101st?

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Don't try and tell me that the Marines infantry is equivalent to the Rangers because I do not buy that.




  1.  Marines are not all qualified as infantry. Only the ones that are in the 0300 series are qualified as infantry. All Marines, like all soldiers, get basic combat training however so they can fight if needed. All Marines and soldiers have some training and can fight but they are not all infantry for either branch.


    As for training, infantry Marines get 20 weeks total(Boot and SOI), 11Bs get 17 weeks total(BCT and AIT), and Rangers get 28 weeks minimum(BCT, 11B AIT, Jump school, and RASP). Now basically all of the 11Bs 17 weeks of training is combat training while three weeks of Boot is mostly just Drill and ceremony or USMC history. So in reality both get about 17 weeks of combat training. Compared to the Rangers both have much shorter and easier training. Rangers are SOF and part of SOCOM while most Marines are not. MARSOC has the only SOF within the Marines and MARSOC is more like the Green Berets. Neither MARSOC nor Force Recon are that similar to the Rangers. Rangers are like a middle ground between the two.


    As it is obvious a lot of you guys don't know this MARSOC and Force Recon are two different things. Force Recon is still active but has largely been gutted. As in only 400 Marines are in Force Recon since most are now in MARSOC. Force Recon mostly only does recon missions now. It is rare for them to get a direct action mission while Rangers do both and support other SOF such as Green Berets, SEALs, and MARSOC. So no they are not the same thing. Again the Rangers are like a middle ground between MARSOC and Force Recon.


    So in closing USMC infantry and Army infantry are about equal overall. Not only in terms of the length of combat training but also in terms of equipment. Marines have three weeks longer for their infantry but as I said those three weeks aren't really combat related and are mostly drill and ceremony along with USMC history. Rangers have much more and harder training than both USMC and Army infantry. Force Recon is different from the Rangers and the two are not comparable not only due to their differing missions but also due to the size of the two forces. MARSOC is like the Green Berets and therefore Rangers are not comparable to them.

  2. The Entire Marine Corps is Infantry qualified.  Infantry, in the Marines goes through more training.  All deployed Infatry in the Marines must become SOC.  The Army has it's profession.  We Marines have our Religion.  You can see this in our effectiveness and the Army's ineffectiveness.  To tell you the truth, in community operations, the National Guard does a better job not only policing the population but training the Armies and Police forces.

  3.  Rangers are more qualified in their training. Also have higher qualified marksmenship and ever ranger is airborne qualified. Thats why they are better.

    Marines have force or MARSOC as its called now. However they serve two different purposes. Marines MARSOCs are more like ranger pathfinders.

    Marines, Rangers, SF, SEALs, etcetc have their own "special" detachtment task force. I.E. Delta, Seal Team Six, Devgru, NightStalkers. These are Tier one.

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