Whose military is more powerful?Pakistan or Iran

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should pakistan feel threatened if iran has nucleur weapons




  1. what seems to annoy me here is the fact that everyone despises Pakistan. Firstly Pakistan is controlled by Puppets governed. Pakistans SSG commandos are ranked #1 in the international community by which i mean Pakistans elite forces. Pakistans Airforce is ranked#1 to be the most well trained Air Units.

    Pakistan is holding off 500,000 Indians troops in Kashmir with a mear 120,000 Troops, Pakistan has always inflicted more casualties to India in any war even though India obtaines more land due to shear number of troops then skill alone which people seem to look pass. Not forgetting Pakistan has always been outnumbered to a minimum of 3:1 ratio and still halted India in taking over Pakistan let alone Kashmir, which no country in history has ever faced such outnumbered opposing forces.

    Pakistan is currently training Air Forces in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and yes (Iran) as well lol, so the stupid joey above talking about how inferior our forces are is stupid as well as ignorant.

    Pakistan is currently in possesion of over 300 Nukes and yes they can also hit Israel moron but due to puppet poiliticians put in place by the US in Pakistan, Pakistan is no longer a threat to them such as the dog (Zardari).

    Pakistan is more superior to Iran on all military aspects from troops, to military equipment.

  2.   Guest22643973,

    There is no need to guess. I am not a stinking Hindoo or Indian. Pakis are weaklings and there is no running away from this fact. No where to hide and no where to run. Pakis had better mop up the mess or their master USA will mess with them (Pakis).

    Look at the question asked. Is there any field in which Iran does not excel Pakistan that is important?

    Pakistan has more people, so a larger military. Pakistan does not and can not threaten Israel, it only threatens Hindoos so USA allows them to possess nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles. Just threaten Israel with it, and see if you can still own your nuclear bombs or missiles. Did not the Yanks create a media & political ruckus in the past because you are a "Muslim" nuclear power?

    There is doubt over whether Pakis actually possess any nuclear bombs now since the Yanks took control of them.

    Iran leads Pakis in science and technology, industry, indigenous equipment, economy, politics, independent foreign policy, and pretty much everything else. In the last Asian Games held in Guangzhou (2010), Iran was the fourth highest gold medals winner while Kazakhstan was fifth and India was sixth. Imagine Iran with 70 m and Kazakhstan with <20m beating India with 1180m people!

    Can Pakis do the same?

    You can not beat Indians in any field. Iran's only lack of legitimacy is it is Shia which is not accepted by most Muslims and also it is an heterodox sect unlike Sunni Muslim beliefs which is untainted. However, Iran is still one of the only few countries to be ruled by Islamic legal system and Shariah laws along with Saudi Arabia. Pakistan does not fare too well there either.

    From sending own satellites to space to animals to space, with ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, submarines, helicopters, automotive industry, frigate building, basic trainer-fighter designs (revealed to the public), to biotechnology, nanotechnology, own national supercomputer and national Operating System, you name it, Iran beats Pakistan hands down.

    Pakistan may be better than even more Hindu infested countries like Bangladesh although given that Pakis survive on dole from Saudi USA and their other masters, one can make a case for the reverse to be true as well. Maybe one should compare Pakis with Ethiopia, East Timor, Nepal, Armenia or Fiji.

  3. errr let me guess, is Guest22570614 possibly from a neighbouring country of pakistan. Please dont talk about the cowardice of Pakis when the whole world knows that Hindus (not sikhs) s**t themselves when confronted in a fight with muslims. If the Indian army did not have sikhs it would be a joke to call it an army


  4. I am neither an Iranian nor a Pakistani. Iran is stronger than Pakistan by a long distance but Pakistan also made some progress in military.

    The truth should not be hidden nor twisted. Pakistani masses are mostly ignorant, that's why their political, social and military leaders feed them the propaganda that they beat India. They could never beat India, the best Pakis achieved was "stalemate" in 1965, that was when Bangladesh and Pakistan were one, so India had a "greater" opponent.

    All the p**i claims of best pilots are bogus. They were all Bangla speaking pilots, in effect, Bangladeshis. Saiful Azam the decorated ace who downed many Israeli planes is and was a Bangladeshi and M M Alam's mother language is Bangla.

    The only distinctive feature of Pakistan is that it is the only Muslim majority country with *declared* nuclear weapons (and tested it). Pakis could do so because of political reasons as their master USA does not mind Pakis targetting nukes at Hindus in India so long as the Joos are safe. The moment judeo christo fascists started targetting Muslims, Pakis bent down on their knees and offered their men, women and children to USA. USA still kills hundreds of Pakis every month using drone strikes, Pakis can not do a thing about it.

    Just think about it Pakis. Who is much stronger - USA or India? Iran has been able to keep USA at bay for 3 decades and had to put up with sanctions, embargos, threats of war, negative propaganda, demonization and faced 8 year war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq (who was supported by USA) when Iraq was supplied by the Western world and Soviets.

    Pakis are different material, they can kill unarmed civilians (their OWN civilians, but if the civilians fight back then coward Pakis SURRENDER like they did in Bangladesh) but they only know how to surrender. 

    1971- Surrender to India (shame shame shame!)

    2001 - After 2001, Bush threatened Pakis to bomb back to stone age, and pakis bent down, supplied their women, men and children to USA for  free.




  5. First of all war among Iran & Pakistan is stupid idea,only israel,usa,west and india dreamed of it,their are facts,realities that reflect the answer and not the national or sectarian pride, judge pakistan power,look at india 5 time bigger in area,resources,army,4 times bigger airforce and 9 time bigger navy,even then india dont dare to took a step in pakistan border for one month btheir military remained rotten at border and then called back.Pakistan manufacture tanks(alkhalid)air craft mushshak,jet trainer K-8 and now super fighter aircraft JF17,pakistan producing agosta submarines,Frigates,beside these pakistan making missiles surface to surface,air to air,air to ground,torpedoes.PAF has 500 combant aircraft,more than 300 nuclear bombs.even USA,west thinks pakistan the number one military might out of 57 islamic 1967 and 1973 pakistani pilots were flying ,5 times israeli and pakistani pilots face each other and all the time pakistani shoot down them total 5 visraeli a/crafts destroyed by paf and israeli air force failed to down single pakistani pilot,what more you wants pakistan has the capability to destroy us a/c carrier,west and usa openly admit that pakistan military is among world best selected,best trained,best dissiplined,best equipped force.pakistanis making JF 17 day and night till2014-15 pakistan air force would have 70 F16s,250 JF17s,150 FC-1 beside100 mirages,pakistan even start exporting itsK-8s and mushshak to different countries,Pakistan ordinance factories making day and night alltype of munitions for army air force and navy,so my dearcompairing Iran with Pakistan is childish behaviour.

  6. Iran is definitely more stronger. They have more resources, revenue, equally large military with excellent training. Iran is a semi-developed country. Iran's economy is not dependent on pakistan, but pakistan's economy is dependent on iran for oil, gas and electricity. Pakistan's economy is also financially broke, they are a poor country. If you include nukes then, obviously pakistan has a little advantage, but then again, only weaklings need nukes. And most wars today are fought without nukes, cuz using them can result in other countries nailing you back. Nukes ain't for true muslims.

  7. Iran has existed far longer than pakistan and does not need and never will need the backup of a country (pakistan) that has trouble keeping their own tribes under control (i.e. SWAT valley). Afghans are running half of pakistan. Iran is self-sufficient, and independant. Maybe pakistan can look after some weak arab nations like saudi arabia or jordan. There's no problem b/w Iran and Pakistan, but when someone compares the two...they've just crossed the line.
    Besides, Iran has a massively well equiped military and trained personnel. The strongest in the middle east.

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