Army Rangers or USMC Infantry?

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I have one year to decide what I'm doing in the Military to tell my parents and three years total to train for it. Before I tell them I will already be in great physical shape being able to run six miles and max out one of the PT test. However, I'm divided on what to do half wants to be an Army Ranger then go SF, other half wants to join the Marines because they get lots of action are great warriors and half a ranking system that makes sense (leadership not test), the best uniform and after two years planning on trying out for a MARSOC SOB battalion. I'm highly motivated, I'll be doing a lot of swimming in the next three years so I'll be prepared, I know what I'm doing more than anyone else my age. I'm going to be training everyday for my job so when I tell my parents what I want to do I can do it better when it actually comes.

Rangers however, does Special Operations, has great soldiers and is a stepping stone for SF. Also, I could care less about glory I just want to do operations that are high priority, don't care how long I'm home for.

I've been preparing since April for Rangers but stopped to bulk up for Foot Ball. I will train My *** off until the day I leave to go down south for Benning or Paris Island.

I care about defending this country and protecting freedoms I enjoy and everyone else. I would die before going to college I don't care about it I have lots of friends and party but I don't care to go down that road.





  1.  It depends if you do well in the Army and get through RASP (not RIP anymore), you might be assignned to a battalion doing Global Respone Force. Theyre youll get alot of action. But same could be said if you went to Marines ands got into an expiditionary unit. However you get to get alot more training and go to more schools in  the army, because they are more willing to pay for it since they have more money.

    Rangers are more qualified than Marines (in terms of marskmenship qualifications they have to pass). However after training for a year before going to your unit,id hope so.


    Marines got their whole diff system going on, I dont think you can compare it at all.

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