19D Training questions, expectations, and Final duty station question

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Hello all,

I have a real quick question. I am prior service and I have joined the Army and I will be at 19D school in Oct. I am an E-5, I have been to Airborne, Sere and a few other schools that are from the tip of the Spear.

I am transferring in from the Navy. You may ask why I have been to some of thoses schools, is because I was an operator in the Navy.

My question is what to expect at 19D training and since I am Airborne would it be easier to get an Airborne Unit or SOF unit. If this is the case would FLA, Japan, Hawaii or NC be good to choose.

Also would it be good for me to contact a few units to see what openings there are.

Any help would be great.






  1. Hi Chuck, You singed on for 19Delta & what's your rank.., E-5? Did you get that rank in your transfer? How does that match up in Navy Rank? So what do you mean by you were an operator, SEAL, SWCC? If so you should've (I would think) worked with SF, Rangers, Cav,etc; Did you ask these questions to the Army recruiter before you signed? Cav Scouts are pretty versatile, deadly & keep very busy.

    The 82ND has a Cav Unit 73rd Cavalry Regiment.. Look here.., Google's your friend bro.

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