What time is 'bama giving his deceptance speech ?

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will the clouds part, will stupid white women throw their panties on stage, do some juggling maybe ? will there be any details at all from this deceiver ?




  1. smoke and mirrors.he wont come out and say we are going to tax you to death.or promote his new 16 to 18 cents a gallon on gas to help pay for bad is that.he said it is less revenue coming in due to us driving less.b******t!

  2. why would you care you want more of the same you will get your chance to cheer on Mcsame soon enough.

    why not let us Dem's enjoy our convention  

  3. A light shall shine down upon thee Andrew.  They ye shall knoweth.

  4. I think he does it about 10 pm ET

  5. I think 10 pm.

    The dem party has reached a new low during this convention.  What a way to top it off.  A racist socialist Muslim accepting their nomination.

  6. Obama will be dressed as a Greek God and he will appear raised up from the stage by a large hook and with his arms out like the second coming of Jesus Christ, he will be lowered onto the stage with the throngs of worshippers cheering and crying...What a crock!  This guy really believes his press clippings!  My dear people, if this guy wins, he will want to be King, and the constitution to be suspended so he can rein as the Messiah...the Chosen One...and all our freedoms will slowly disappear....The miracle takes place about 10:00 PM...stay tuned.....

  7. As Yoda WUd SaY ! POTTY U MUS GO !

  8. rofllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll that is too funny. i kinda doubt it but man what a great imagination you have hehe!

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