We have one hand on the title - Sir Alex Ferguson

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We have one hand on the title - Sir Alex Ferguson
Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, has hailed his team’s second half performance against Blackpool last night and insists that the Red Devils may look back on this victory as a pivotal moment in this campaign. 
Manchester United conceded two goals from set pieces in the first half.
However, the Red Devils managed to produce a sensational comeback and scored thrice to claim all three points at the Bloomfield Road.
Barclays Premier League and Manchester United top goal scorer,, scored twice and Javier Hernandez’s goal helped the Red Devils to triumph against Ian Holloway’s men that took Sir Alex Ferguson’s team five points clear in the standings.
Manchester United are famous for such thrilling comebacks and the Red Devils manager claims that against-the-odds victory would be really crucial in their campaign of wining this year’s title.
Sir Ales said, "We were in the mire in the first half but this is a result industry and we got a result which may have a big impact on the league at the end of the season. It has told every one of my players they can achieve a lot if we can play to our best".
Manchester United introduced on the left wing did not work out.
Sir Alex said, "We have used Wayne as a wide player many times but he wasn't in the game in the first half. That wasn't his fault but two goals down and 20 minutes into the second half, we had to gamble. Javier was that gamble and he made a great impact".
Javier Hernandez scored the vital equaliser from outside the box after picking an exceptional lofter through ball from Ryan Giggs.
Berbatov scored the winner in 88th minute, which was also his 19th Premier League goal and 20th goal of this season.



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