Colorado Rockies defeat Milwaukee Brewers 4-1 – MLB Update

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Colorado Rockies defeat Milwaukee Brewers 4-1 – MLB Update
Colorado Rockies defeated Milwaukee Brewers 4-1 at the Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday, April 22 in the finale of their three match series of the 2012 Major League Baseball regular season.
Michael Cuddyer put up another magical show, helping the Rockies spoil their opponents’ party. In a display of some high quality hitting skills, Cuddyer batted in a two run double in the eighth inning, which lifted the Rockies to a well deserved victory.
Jeremy Guthrie had a great time on the mound as he allowed just one run and three hits over seven strong innings. The starter outpitched his Brewers’ counterpart Yovani Gallardo. Rafael Betancourt pitched with great control for his fifth straight save of
the year.
Betancourt is one of the most talented pitchers in MLB right now and he will be eager to perform on consistent basis this season.
"It gives us confidence as a team," said Cuddyer. "You got two guys that are closers. Axford is their closer, and K-Rod could be anybody else's closer in the league, so to be able to get two wins off two guys of the caliber like that, it's huge for our confidence."
"A man in scoring position in a 1-1 game -- the worst that could happen is you fail. It happens a lot," Cuddyer further added. "You have got to relish those opportunities."
The Rockies will be very pleased with the way they bounced back in third and final game to clinch the series. Milwaukee dominated them in almost all departments in game two of the series.
With their win on Sunday evening, the Rockies improved their win-loss record to 8-7. It will be interesting to see Colorado can keep up their good form throughout the season to give themselves a chance to make it to the World Series finals.
The Brewers, on the other hand, will be very disheartened by the fact they were unable to convert some easy scoring opportunities. Thrashing the Rockies 9-4 in the second game, they certainly had winning momentum on their side. Their 7-9 record suggests
that they lack consistency in their game play. 



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