Carlos Gonzalez shines as Colorado Rockies defeat Milwaukee Brewers 6-2 - MLB Update

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Carlos Gonzalez shines as Colorado Rockies defeat Milwaukee Brewers 6-2 - MLB Update

Colorado Rockies’ right-fielder, Carlos Gonzalez had a tremendous performance with the bat as he struck three RBIs including a solo homer and went 1-for-4 with an average of .297 in the Rockies’ 6-2 victory against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park, Milwaukee
on September 14.
Brewers executed pretty well as they opened their scoring account in the first inning by making a single run and got a 1-0 lead. Nyjer Morgan was ground out to short-stop position but Corey Hart posted the first run for the Brewers. In the second inning,
the batters were ground out without yielding any run.
Seth Smith and Jordan Pacheco both ground out while Wilin Rosario struck-out swinging during the second inning. Similarly, Brewers’ second baseman Rickie Weeks ground out, Casey McGehee popped out to catcher and Yuniesky Betancourt lined out towards left-field
at the bottom of second inning. Rockies’ executed well in the third inning and smashed three runs to get a 3-1 lead.
Dexter Fowler contributed the tie run for Rockies when Mark Ellis singled off centre-field. Gonzalez struck a two-run homer (447 feet) to right-centre and Ellis added the third run. In the fourth inning, Rosario hit a solo homer (385 feet) towards left-field
to give the Rockies a 4-1 lead. Then, Rockies advanced their lead 6-1 during the fifth inning when the batters put two runs on their respective score-card.
Rockies’ manager, Jim Tracy said, “I can't say enough about the job that Kevin Millwood has done since he's arrived with us. He's competed extremely well. He's pitched very competitive innings. He knows what to do with a lead.”
Speaking to reporters, Jonathan Lucroy said, “I know I'm pressing a little bit, myself. Sometimes you just try to do too much, get a little frustrated instead of relaxing and playing.”
Gonzalez hit a sacrifice fly to centre-field and Fowler contributed a single run. The second or last run for Rockies was taken by Ellis on the throwing error of Brewers’ Hart. Jason Giambi doubled to right-field and Ellis occupied third base to end the fifth
inning. On the other hand, Brewers added one run at the bottom of the sixth inning to reduce their lead 6-2.
Morgan scored a single run when Jerry Hairston Jr. moved to second base on the wild pitch of Rockies’ starter, Kevin Millwood. However, Rockies ended the two-game series 1-1 after defeating the Brewers convincingly.



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